Math lies too

The proof, if any, is in the empirical definition and determination of the objects being described mathematically. Note that the empirical work comes first. Science is about true observation and measurement. Then interpretation. Math interprets observation. To presume math proves reality is to reverse the logic and put the cart before the horse. Engineering utilizes math in empirical ways. Cosmology and astrophysics deals in abstract unsupported non-scientific mathematics. “Gravity” is itself a mathematical deception. The fact of things falling is not to be extrapolated logically to a magical universal ‘force’ which presumably forms ‘spherical planets’ and holds oceans to them in vast vacuum voids. No, that is fantasy we are asked to accept as scientific. Please point me toward the experiment which clearly demonstrates that “Gravity” holds water to a rock in a vacuum. We require thinkers now at this juncture, not mindless regurgitators and sycophants of the erroneous dogmas.”

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