God is calling us to be made aware of the plans of Satan in these last days. Even the church of Christ has been deceived by the mouth of Satan and believe the false narrative of this virus and the propaganda behind it !

Many of my prophets and prophetic people have drank deeply of me in this last season,
Being deeply imbued and intoxicated with my Spirit,

But many have not been circumspect… Many have been ignorant of the tactics of Satan,
And this enemy has mixed into the drink, has mixed into the Holy Ghost parties, into the infilling place, unbeknownst to many of my people.

My people have been stung, even paralyzed in their mouths from an enemy that should have been under their feet.

But the poison is wearing off, says the Lord, and the scars are healing, for I the Lord have prepared the perfect antibody,.. I the Lord, have procured the perfect healing anointing for my mouthpieces in this hour, says the Lord.

Many of you will begin to roar again, you’ll begin to prophesy again, you’ll begin to unleash the lion from within again like Elijah did, and I the Lord will cause you to speak through the pain, to prophesy through the anguish, and overcome where it has been humanly impossible for you to do so up to this point.

Many of you will be marked by the warfare moving forward, many of you will limp the rest of your lives, but know this: what the enemy intended for you destruction, for your silencing, will be used for the shaping of your voice as my mouthpieces, saith the Lord.

What you thought was weakness will be turned into power, and I will make you champions in this day, uniquely set apart for this time and for this hour, prepared as vessels unto honor in the house of the Lord

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