Intellectual Honesty

IF you are intellectually honest you will cast aside all preconceptions and beliefs. You will have enough self awareness to leave your ego aside. You will check all available information. You will seriously consider opposing information that disagrees with your previously held assumptions. You will use your raw power of critical thought and stand aside from the tide of popular belief and orthodox opinion. You will examine scientific knowledge and axiom and question it. You will identify flaws and assumptions in the science. You will become truly a critical independent thinker. You will need to be infinitely courageous and have the hide of an elephant to withstand the endless mocking and ridicule. You will be a very rare being of the highest orders of consciousness. You will be a beacon in the darkness, and you will lead the human species forward in their collective evolution of mind. Become intellectually honest. I dare you.


On the Truth of Our Realm (Earth)

Trouble is, actual observations being done (and I mean REAL empirical science, NOT more math equations) are now uncovering actual evidence that the Earth has no expected curvature as per the standard scientific “globe” model. And it’s not just a bunch of cranks and meth heads from the Flat Earth Society whining about it. In fact quite the opposite.

So, when we have the highest echelon of intelligent independent thinking human beings on Earth now coming to a bold new epiphany revealing the deception of the apparent physical nature of our realm – then we have a major problem. The problem is not so much what shape it is ie “flat” “pear” or whatever, although we do need to embark on a renewed truly empirical investigation into the true nature of Earth – but more importantly at this point, WHY humanity has been systematically lied to and deceived on a scale that beggars belief.

We hold a moral duty to alert the rest of the world population to the discovery and to begin a serious inquisition into why mainstream science has upheld the lies, and indeed ALL other major human institutions which must be complicit in the deception to a greater or lesser extent.

I know to most reasonable people the very idea that Earth may not be a planet in space as they have long envisioned it, comes as a shock and the knee-jerk standard cognitive dissonance reaction to those who have not yet done any research themselves – is inevitably incredulity, mockery, and ridicule. I was one of the biggest sceptics – until I spent a year researching this “crazy” idea. DESPITE what people ASSUME – the fact is all serious researchers are coming to the SAME incredible conclusion – there is NO measurable CURVATURE, and there is NO evidence that Earth moves through space.

Serious investigation reveals a myriad of flaws in the science, math, and logic which has been used to reinforce the very concept of a “globe” Earth. Assumptions about “gravity” are proving to be scientifically unfounded and patently untrue. And the globe IS merely a CONCEPT. We simply do not EVER see or sense curvature of the Earth.

It thus befalls not only the highest echelon of critical thinking intelligent humans to speak out, but they must also be among the most courageous and thick-skinned individuals alive today. Through a process of gradual awakening of the world population the truth will now be made clear and this will trigger the complete shift to the next required phase of human consciousness evolution.

Wondering about Everything

Many will know I’ve been looking into the ‘flat earth’ thing for a while now, and have become a convert to it. Many still have the knee-jerk reaction to it and want to mock and ridicule the very idea. That moniker “flat earth’ is unfortunate and I hate using it. It’s time for a new term. There is no ‘flat earth theory” or new ‘model’ despite what you may see going around. People have simply discovered that NO CURVATURE or movement of Earth through space is actually evident.
But to me it has opened up many interesting aspects to humans and their behaviour. Why can’t people have “crazy ideas” anymore? Why do so many assume they know what’s what? I mean we can agree the sky is blue and seasons change, because we experience it – but the curve of this Earth is never apparent. Many try to argue and ALL the arguments can be proven false. Trust me, I too was a sceptic until I spent a year seriously researching. Then I did some tests of my own. Yes, you too can do it – and you’ll see what all the fuss is about – there really is no curvature to this earth at all.
But the bigger question remains – why do some humans want to assume they are smarter than others and mock and ridicule the brave few who are coming to a new realisation. And they are brave.
There seems to me to be a real danger in this collective thinking that “WE know the Truth” – science and religion have been good at making this way of thinking seem normal. Ask why. See, all of this is about the true Awakening.
Begin to reflect on who tells you what to think. That’s all I’ll say.
I’ve been pondering much on this break and it’s amazing what sky-gazing and beach combing can do for the soul.
Don’t think, wonder again.

we carry the fire

something is stirring. we must keep perspective. realise things will decline still. the changes may not be visible. you may not even see them in your lifetime. but we carry the fire. and the fire must be passed on. peace friends.20190115_204456

Clarity and stupidity

I’ve come to a point of absolute clarity and I want to know who are these buffoons of politics and science and media who have come to think they can somehow lead the world and dictate what we must think and know. Out of all this chaos which seems hopeless sometimes, I know will emerge the simple truth and the true direction for humanity. The buffoons are bringing themselves undone.

Scientism is rife

scientistsConsider for a moment that this reality may not be a thing which can ultimately be understood by breaking it apart and statistically analysing it in a materialistic frenzy as humans have come to believe.

Scientist proves gravity exists!

Sticking to the ground is not proof of ‘gravity’. Gravity remains an unknown thing entirely. Scientific claims of any proof or proof of “gravity waves” (see ‘LIGO’) is false and misleading.

“Black holes”, “dark matter”, and “dark energy” and other planetary, galactic, and cosmological phenomena which is attributed to “gravity” is false and misleading.

“Black holes”, “dark matter”, and “dark energy” really are only a theoretical construction – mathematically determined not empirical verified.

The idea that the earth’s mass causes the ‘gravity’ we believe we experience, and is the reason we stick to the ground is still an unproven theory – again mathematically constructed but never empirically proven.

We really do not know what or how this phenomena works – or even if it can be called a “force”. Yes, seriously.

When I (and others) proclaim “Gravity does not exist” – we are not being funny and we are not stupid or ignorant – on the contrary we are being objective critics of the false claims of science which have pervaded the public sphere.

It is obviously very important to begin a process of revealing the unfounded claims to the wider public and population.

Anyone who states otherwise or wishes to make claims that any of this is untrue, or that I (or other critics) are ignorant of the “science” or otherwise “unqualified” or “need to learn physics and/or math” etc. are being disingenuous, and you need to be wary.

Anyone with a critical enquiring, thinking mind who examines the claims of science in this field (and many others) will come to this well-founded conclusion. You do not need to “fear the math”, or be “blinded by the science”. They have baffled the public for too long and enough is enough.

Think. Investigate. Look beyond what you have assumed.


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Journey to Truth

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August 28, 2018

The Truth Dawns

      Hi readers! Welcome to my first ever blog (practically first use of the internet). My name is Dave Warmerdam and I’m hoping to share some of my life and wisdom with you through this medium. As it evolves over time I may begin posting at regular intervals with different topics and perhaps a weekly Q&A.  As always, I welcome all respectful discussion and questions you may have about the things I write or about anything. Below you’ll find a brief summary of what I plan to accomplish with this site and a little about me.

This website is for all people yearning to know the purpose of life: Why we are here, who we are, where we came from, where we go at death, what a successful life looks like, and what kind of life we will live after death.


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