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Mark is an artist, writer, graphic designer and photographer. His work is represented in photo agencies around the world, he has exhibited internationally, and is currently represented by Getty Images, and Trigger Image worldwide.

He has been photographing and developing his unique style and view of the world for almost 40 years. With a background in portrait and commercial photography, he has always enjoyed traveling and recording this world in images.

Having shot film for so many years, Mark has now embraced the technology of the twenty-first century: digital imaging. He has mastered the technology to the point of an art form. His passion is now digital manipulation of his images to evoke feeling and emotion in a form of ‘visual poetry’. He can take the ordinary and make it inexplicably extraordinary. His graphical visions take on a memorable and often moving dream-like feeling.

He believes that the true artist brings part of himself to the photograph and that the photograph should say something more than a pretty postcard.

Mark is also busy writing short stories and thinking about the nature of Reality – he has a deep interest in cosmology, metaphysics and philosophy.  He is working to bring awareness and change to the world in any way he can.

Mark has been a student of psychology, sociology, philosophy, and social work. He has worked in roles from factory worker to project management in the engineering industry.

He lives with his 16 year-old son Jackson near Melbourne, Australia.

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