The Shift

I am very aware of this message becoming a depressing one of impending doom that many will simply turn a deaf ear to. At their peril of course but that is human nature. So we are left yet again to sugar coat the bad news like so many advertisers and marketing departments… The facts are that the earth is changing rapidly now to become a place that will not be habitable within decades. Read that sentence again.

Socio-politically the world is facing a crisis of corporate capitalism taken to its natural conclusive state – having  impoverished the people and destroyed the natural world.

We don’t have long and the changes required of humanity are monumental. The largest shift in the history of humanity must occur within decades. I am torn constantly between using tactics verging on scare methods and fear in order to jolt people out of their a stupor. But then I get people screaming at me to lighten up and ask what am I ever thinking.

Being gentle is warm and fuzzy and to be found all through the New Age movement, but I quickly realised that they mean well but they’re destined to go down with the ship smelling of incense. It’s a dilemma just quite how to change the world in ten years.

There is much work to be done and I work relentlessly. I am gathering many here, as are others in turn. We are using this medium at our disposal to communicate with the great bulk of humanity and we urge them to Awaken soon.

We have much to achieve and so little time.

Thank you.