Consider belief in authority and how we live under deception. Consider mainstream media and how it propagates deception. Consider economic rationality and how we live under that as deception. Consider how the legal and justice systems we live under operate through systematic deception. Consider the corporate world and the deceptions we face daily. Consider religion, education, science, and most other human institutions, and consider deception as intrinsic.


in conversation

You see, the Earth looks and feels obviously flat and stationary – because it is. It is not I who hold the cult beliefs. That would be this bizarre belief system of a ball Earth going around and around in “space:” You got it exactly backwards my friend.

science isn’t technology

In logic: that some science is useful and beneficial to humans does not imply that all science is useful and beneficial.

Science is not and cannot be conflated with technology. Science is a method and an institution. It may use technology or be instrumental in invention and development of technology. But it is not and cannot BE technology. Your argument asserting validity of all science because it was responsible for devising some principles of light and optics through lenses is NOT an argument which can be used reasonably or logically to support ALL science and ALL of its subsequent developments.

Ethics in science and the politicisation and corporatism of science as an institution MUST now be factored in any rational discourse on the state of modern science.


It will shake your world

I have observed it and measured it empirically, and thought deeply upon it, and looked again, contemplated the vast expanse of ocean I scan near my home. I have seen the lies of NASA, and the mockery that was the Moon landing. I have considered real science and the laws of physics and come to understand that “space” as we are told cannot be real. That a pressurised atmosphere cannot possibly exist adjacent to the hard vacuum of space without being immediately and violently drawn off into the vast void. This is the second law of thermodynamics.
I have considered the reality of cloth stitched spacesuits again in an extreme vacuum of space. Laws of physics governing gas pressures states that such a spacesuit would be deadly to the wearer and in reality would expand hard like a car tire and then likely explode. I have considered such things as the evening crepuscular Sun rays which I see stream down in the sky above me and which always converge to a point like a beacon or a street light in the fog, indicating that empirically, the Sun must be relatively small and local and not the stated “93 million” miles away. If that were true then we would see parallel sun rays of enormous size span the sky.
I have considered such things as atmospheric effects and the well-known concept of vanishing-point perspective and the effect of angular resolution on human sight and how that perfectly explains ships seeming to disappear “over the horizon”, and even the apparent sun “rise” and “set” as the sun and Moon simply travel away across a vast plane and beyond sight or our ability to detect their light (this can be demonstrated in physical experiment). You see, this “flat Earth” thing (for want of a better name) is not some “psy-op” or “discordian” parlour game. Not even a philosophical stunt by some nerds with no life.
It IS in fact an audacious and very serious and very real intellectual and empirical challenge to what has now been identified as faulty, flawed, and apparently wrong science, presumption and assumption. We have simply been taught the Earth is a globe. Face it, you cannot in all seriousness tell me that you have personally EVER seen this “curve” of Earth. It cannot be seen from passenger aircraft and that is supported by mainstream science. It cannot be measured empirically and never has (true, seek if you will), it is asserted by mathematical models – which cannot and do not prove reality. It is presumed to be curved in ALL so-called “evidence” and argument in support of a sphere earth.
Try it – I dare you. Find something you think is hard evidence. We all started as sceptics – trust me I was one of the biggest. I tried to debunk it. After a year I could not. Then I had my epiphany. I could not find this curve of Earth because it does not exist. I urge you to resist the reflexive response to want to argue and become a self righteous defender of something of which you really only assume and assert without true foundation. Look more deeply into it. You clearly have not looked deeply yet. When we are truly awakened and truly aware of the grand deceptions, we all begin to truly see.
It will shake you to your core, and you will never look upon this world the same way.

on the Awakening.

Let me just say this once: it is not I who hold or make outrageous claims. The Earth looks and feels obviously flat. It is you and others who have been hypnotized into a firm belief that you live on a ball hurtling through some unknown place called “space”. This would be the unsubstantiated and wildly implausible strangeness that people want to persist in believing and use math formulation and other non scientific assumptions to attempt some haphazard justification.

As I say, I’m now done breaking the news and no longer wish to either suffer endless mocking and derision from humans of ignorance, nor feel that I must become defensive. The claim being made on my part is simply that scientific knowledge of Earth is flawed, false, anomalous, deceptive, and currently wrong. This message now vibrates through humanity as the ‘flat Earth’ Awakening. It comes now for a very specific reason. It is not a destination. It is not a claim of a new model. It is based on real observation and real science.

It is in this sceptical critical deconstruction of the orthodox, a true scientific challenge to human belief. Do not attack the messengers. Do not make demands of them in your self-righteous indignation. Stop yourself at your instinctive reflexive desire to mock and ridicule the new information. Instead, be quiet. Contemplate deeply in true self awareness. Do your own investigation and research as we have as we have also journeyed to arrive at our new and revolutionary standpoint. We do not seek to proselyize or convert you. We however, will not ever tolerate being instantly put down, quietened, or dismissed in condemnation and condescension. We are the Awakening.

We hope you will join us.




Yes. This is not the point. The point being that we cannot prove non-existence. Perhaps there is a cave in Borneo which has never been explored which contains populations of tiny unicorns. Perhaps unicorns exist in a dimension as yet unknown and imperceptible to the majority of humans. Perhaps unicorns live inside the Moon. The POINT is that what humans assume they know with great conceit and over-confidence in their own current levels of knowledge – regardless of this – humans really do NOT know with 100% certainty. In fact science and experiment does not ever PROVE reality in some universally ultimate way – it can confirm a hypothesis only.

Re. “science offers an option for decision making”


Politics offers an option for decision making. Newton did not discover ‘gravity’, he invented it. It won the race for no good reason – least of all because it could be empirically proven. Science is a myth. It has taken the place of religion and in so doing has become religion. It is potentially more dangerous than traditional religion because it gives its disciples who believe its dogmas even more self-righteous conceited justification than possibly any other form of human thought. Some science has proven useful and has benevolent application, it does not logically follow however, that ALL science is benevolent or even useful or valid. So-call “reasonable steps” of science have been routinely ignored and wangled when the outcome did not suit the preferences of the observers or their employers. Again we risk elevating science falsely to the realm of the gods. Gravity does not exist. It’s presupposition has ruled us all. If we repeal it and therefore all its dependent axioms, what are we left with? I’ll tell you: a shambles. Human knowledge is in utter disarray. Prove Earth radius ‘r’ of spherical trigonometry fame – cannot be done. Ergo ‘r’ is fictional.


Latest reports from many reliable sources suggest that this earth is NOT the ball in space we have been led to believe. Actual empirical measurements and observations indicate unequivocally that NO curvature at the officially stated 8 inches per mile squared exists. Critical thinking application of actual physics (as we are taught) suggest that a pressurised atmosphere (earth) simply cannot exist next to a hard vacuum (space) without that atmosphere being immediately drawn off into the vast void. Knowledge of the spacesuits that were utilised in all space missions suggest that they cannot have been real. Cloth suits with stitches cannot operate in a hard vacuum as they would inflate hard like a car tire and probably explode. There are so many more anomalies surrounding the whole notion of “space”, “gravity”, and fallacious science – that it is impossible for me to go into here. Of course the faithful will persist with bemused incredulity as they are loath to let go of their cherished beliefs and world view.

Intellectual Honesty

IF you are intellectually honest you will cast aside all preconceptions and beliefs. You will have enough self awareness to leave your ego aside. You will check all available information. You will seriously consider opposing information that disagrees with your previously held assumptions. You will use your raw power of critical thought and stand aside from the tide of popular belief and orthodox opinion. You will examine scientific knowledge and axiom and question it. You will identify flaws and assumptions in the science. You will become truly a critical independent thinker. You will need to be infinitely courageous and have the hide of an elephant to withstand the endless mocking and ridicule. You will be a very rare being of the highest orders of consciousness. You will be a beacon in the darkness, and you will lead the human species forward in their collective evolution of mind. Become intellectually honest. I dare you.