the ‘planetary’ illusion

It’s time to re-think your planetary beliefs. No, we are not spinning through an ‘infinite dark void’ on a wet ball of rock. That was their lie.

The ‘greater good’ illusion

The “greater good” is but an excuse for tyrants to boss us around. The “tyrant” may be the neighbour, your friends, the angry mob, the ‘democratic’ process, or your government. Never presume to tell me what the “greater good” is in your opinion. Individual rights trump it all. By the way the “virus” is a fiction (yes believe that instead of the “truths” on TV).


There is an energy which comes on with our emergence into clarity and insight as we awaken. Gather it. Harness it.

How Truth is restricted to the opinions of authority and corporations. [lifted from YouTube community guidelines]

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) updates

Current as of 18:14 UTC 2 April 2020

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