Old Man Crow

Now we had travelled some long miles across the land and in the noon desert heat we stopped at the Madura Pass Oasis Roadhouse and Motel – just as Magpie had instructed.

I’m standing and stretching by the car, and behind me now, from a still-heat day, I heard a little wind blow quick and leaves bustling as Old Man Crow took his form out of the air and space as I turn to see him at his tree-perch, and so still. He sat watching us inquisitively perfectly as birds do. I was more than a little surprised.

The breeze lulled. Crow ruffled his feathers and then a low-pitch warbly gravel-stuttered utterance reverberated as he addressed me. He enquired as to our nature and purpose. Are you the ones? Said he had been waiting for us for a very long time. He greeted us cordially. Then the story.

Time itself paused briefly. Crow’s sage words conveyed a deep knowledge and wisdom of the Earth and its maker, of the seas, the webs and coils of time, and the secrets of the Stars, as well as a few other mysteries too – as best I can recall. He seemed to presume I had understood. I bowed and nodded respectfully. I was thirsty.

Old Man Crow was as ancient as the cracked land. He ruffled then squinted down through the windscreen saw the Boy sitting patiently and growled, get that boy a cold drink and some lunch in this heat and be on your way. He flew off. I did as he instructed.

It had been a very special honour to meet Old Man Crow and to hear his story.

Travelling. 2019.


my son Jack. April 2020.

through tears (2015)


Into The Blue – full file

Into The Blue (click image for full size)

‘Into The Blue’


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message to a friend


seek my friend. (you are on the right path).

you are awakening. there are stages and phases and the process has not end in this life. the multitude will not all reach the lower levels. be a beacon as you are, guide as in turn you are guided.

image: ‘don’t forget to miss me’ 

‘celestial charts’ (2017)

celestial charts
image copyright © 2017

A Friday in Winter


A Friday in Winter  © 2018

Walking on Ancient Land

Jackson. 2016.

who would have thought…

who would have thought...

who would have thought that a simple photograph of a humble seagull shot near my home would become an instant hit on flickr. made it into the top 500 in the first week it went up and has nearly 4000 views a few weeks after.

there’s beauty and wonder in simplicity.