Math lies too

The proof, if any, is in the empirical definition and determination of the objects being described mathematically. Note that the empirical work comes first. Science is about true observation and measurement. Then interpretation. Math interprets observation. To presume math proves reality is to reverse the logic and put the cart before the horse. Engineering utilizes math in empirical ways. Cosmology and astrophysics deals in abstract unsupported non-scientific mathematics. “Gravity” is itself a mathematical deception. The fact of things falling is not to be extrapolated logically to a magical universal ‘force’ which presumably forms ‘spherical planets’ and holds oceans to them in vast vacuum voids. No, that is fantasy we are asked to accept as scientific. Please point me toward the experiment which clearly demonstrates that “Gravity” holds water to a rock in a vacuum. We require thinkers now at this juncture, not mindless regurgitators and sycophants of the erroneous dogmas.”

the coming shift

You need to appreciate exactly what the Awakening is. It is not a social movement. We are speaking of a major spiritual shift and pivotal shift in our evolution, a powerful advance in consciousness. These things transpire over millenia usually. The change that is happening now is unprecedented in its unfolding. The types of changes that we see now are superficial and early stage shifts. I am speaking of a time coming that will be unrecognisable from these times. We will emerge and these times will be seen as a dark time of government control and hypnosis. We most likely will not live to see the full shift.


Inference has no place in scientific searches for Truth and that is what we have – inference and assumption on top of presupposition and mathematical jargon. if it cannot be observed as a direct cause of a natural effect it is not knowledge it is some assholes opinion. we now live in a modern technological madhouse full off assholes and their opinions. If I infer I do so within known limits, within culture, dogma, doctrine, and preferred paradigm. Inference is political. Logic and reason can then in turn only take us so far since in some dark world cannibalism can be argued for. We must evolve our thinking and become expanded in our consciousness. Only by altering how we think at a fundamental level will we survive. It’s the same game it always was. Now it’s our turn to step up.

What is a universe?

Q. First though what is god? By what process does god exist?

A. I don’t know. What is a “universe”? By what process does a “universe” exist? Do you see what the atheists have done? But a prime creator consciousness (“god”) has an intelligence beyond our understanding and a purpose in designing this reality and us placed within it. That makes us special and unique and important – NOT random, alone in a void, and without purpose.

What is True anymore?

We can test and observe how water boils at 100 degrees Celsius at sea level time and again. That is true empiricism and the spirit of the scientific method. Where we have veered off the path of truth is to deduce things that we have not been able to directly test and observe the cause and effect relationships in our haste and yearning for knowing and mastery of reality. It’s enabled a certain hubris and conceit for a few hundred years, but now human knowledge is rapidly becoming an untenable shambles of dogma and belief increasingly path dependent upon what theories prevalence is favoured. This is not the path to Truth.


Humans love answers. They love giving them, and they love receiving them. Nobody seems too worried whether they are actually true or not. If it was taught in school, shown on TV, and agreed upon by your friends – that seems to make it true. I am simply bold enough to stand against that little ruse and call ‘foul’.

reasonable theories?

Why are these theories considered “reasonable” to you? The gurus of math and jargon have you well bluffed. They seek tenure, and security, and esteem among their peers. They tell each other grandiose stories in ivory towers. Plebs come along and want to be part of the fun. It’s reflected on TV and taught down the line in the “education systems”. Smoke and mirrors all of it.