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In discussion:

“Science is a method of investigating the cause of natural phenomena we observe in this reality in which we find ourselves adrift. This is its fundamental reason for being and its true purpose. It arose out of philosophical thinking from the seventeenth century. It lays out a method of observation (of natural phenomena), postulating an idea of what the investigator thinks the cause ‘may’ be – as a hypothesis, which is then to be methodically tested by the use of manipulating it as an independent variable.

By carefully following this method, investigators (“scientists”) may deduce what they then consider to be the cause of the originally observed natural phenomena. It is real. It is not mathematics. It is not concerned with abstraction nor model. It’s primary purpose is to empirically determine cause of real effects (natural phenomena). So now we have a way of arriving at careful and methodical ideas of how some things in nature are being caused – at least on some superficial level.

On this basis we may move ever forward and always tentatively, never with grand opinions of ultimate eternal truths of existence. We must be ever vigilant and discerning of our own beliefs, biases, preconceptions, presuppositions, and our preferred paradigms and cultural leanings as to what we believe about nature. Impartial. detached, non-partisan, open-minded. At all times. Nature and existence is not a thing we may become conceited, self-righteous, or egotistically precious of and adopt a sense of all-knowing. We must be humble before it. This would seem self-evident and fundamental. But humans do not learn. They have ego. They do all the opposite things. So now, we have “settled science”, and “everyone just knows”, and mathematical abstraction posing as empiricism.

Science and human knowledge with it, has become lost and far from the path to truth. “Gravity” is a mathematical formulation for predicting how fast things fall. Isaac Newton invented it. He admitted in his papers that he did not know of any mechanism by which this “force” may actuality be operating. We still do not. Gravity as a theory of why we are held to the ground is nonsensical . It offers no real explanation. Einstein was a magician who wrote more complex strings of numbers and claimed “space-time” as a thing which holds us here somehow, oh and keeps planets in orbit. More nonsense.

Mathematical formulation is NOT the scientific method – remember. Your ideas on energy and the example are interesting and I would say quite poetic. Whether or not you have described the truth of whatever causes and effects are going on is moot. We humans have formed ideas and concepts and opinions on all of this and there will be legions of science fans who would leap to point out your errors, and their great knowledge and physical ‘laws’, and so on.

In the final analysis the wind still blows and kites will fly and children all over really don’t mind who said what. In all matters our ideal pursuits must be for truth. Truth in natures construct, truth in our own thinking, and the steps we take along the paths. I suggest this ideal has been abandoned.”

in conversation (from my Facebook page)

“Thanks John, yes it’s not a matter of “flat” vs. “sphere”. Anomalies and inconsistencies have been discovered in the current orthodox “globe” consensus model, and it seems we must revise our fundamental concept of what this Earth really is. It seems so crazy to most people – I am acutely aware of this. It fascinates me on many levels as a long-time student of human behaviour via both a psychological and sociological lens. This new and crazy topic just rips everything apart and opens a new chapter in human understanding. Few yet realise the significance of it. Most still laugh it off and mock the very idea. They have not thought deeply enough about it yet. They have not been willing to get past their incredulity, their reflex to laugh and mock, or their cherished and ingrained beliefs in what they assume is “settled science”. It is always refreshing and encouraging to have other thinkers alongside who do ‘get’ the ramifications and implications of this important topic. It is a matter of truth.”

Earth and Truth

Seriously, stop fighting it and research it. I know it seems completely ludicrous. The Earth is obviously a globe …right? Think again. Remember we all came to this by trying to debunk it. IF we are intellectually honest at every step – it cannot be debunked.

The Earth simply is NOT what we have been taught. Of course it opens a can of worms. It is absolutely fascinating on so many levels – from human systems of belief, to psychology, sociology, group think, the dogma of modern science, the issue of ‘scientism’, the role of authority in indoctrinated education, human predisposition to tradition of cultural myth – without serious question or investigation, the reification of mathematics and model over actual empirical observed and experienced reality, the modern belief in mathematics as a basis for understanding reality, the very notion of “Gravity” itself as a foundation for modern heliocentric cosmology and the mathematical fictions of “black holes”, “dark matter”, etc, and indeed, the question of career-driven and corporate-funded academia with it’s biases and paradigm preferences and investment in the orthodox consensus opinion (as opposed to the truth of reality). Plus more.

I implore you to begin a serious investigation of this fascinating new revelation. It cannot be debunked – IF we are completely self-aware of our own biases and we can be 100% intellectually honest. It scares people, they mock, they ridicule, they assume superiority, they assert vague “model”, “science”, “mathematical formulation”, and “evidence” which amounts to nonsense under serious scrutiny. They conflate real and existing technology with assertions of abstract science and assume all science to be well-founded and true (an expression of scientism). They confuse the globe model with empirical reality. They lose sight of the fact that the “globe” only ever WAS A MODEL.

IF you still think you can write this off and you still just want to go on assuming it’s stupid and unfounded – that is fine. Nobody is trying to convert you. I have come to see “flat earth” as a major new revelation of truth at this juncture in our history. There is much hubris and over-confident belief in man’s science and knowledge base. This is the shake-up it needed. ALL the arguments you think will easily refute this are full of holes – I’ll tell you now in all honesty. BUT don’t just believe me – that is the important point here. Investigate. This is not so much about the shape of our Earth, but an awakening of consciousness and a revelation of truth. We do not propose any alternate model at this stage as that would be premature and risk becoming simply another belief system as the globe has been for 500 years.

We live in a fascinating time where we are coming to the realisation that we have been misled about our very realm. We must begin a new era of open-minded real empirical research and investigation. A revision of human understanding is called for. So ingrained is the science fiction myth of “space” that we have a mountain of indoctrinated belief to deconstruct and the wall of popular widespread incredulity and reflexive ridicule is formidable. These facts alone are testament to the depths of ingrained popular belief in the globe model. Remember – it is just a globe MODEL that gives us the notion of our Earth. Forget the fake NASA composite images (look into this), and “satellites” (a fictional invention of Arthur C. Clarke) – likely a system of high altitude weather balloons.

Please investigate. Look past the controlled opposition all over the Internet, the infamous “Flat Earth Society” is not real nor representative of the serious researchers now investigating. Take a serious look, are you not curious? How much do you believe in what you think is true? Investigate – I dare you.

change will come in a day


“…no. you have it backwards. and it’s not ‘social consciousness’. it is an evolution of human consciousness. it is not a trendy social movement. answers become political. that is futility – evidently. not until we begin to think in new ways will real change come. make no mistake – this will come fast when it comes. people believe in ‘government’, ‘money’, ‘authority’. the very things that enslave them and perpetuate social inequity and thus dysfunction. the belief is in welfare and charity rather than abolition of corporate government control. fear is the crux. change is within. then it will sweep the world in a day.”

On criticism of religion

I understand. I still maintain its the least of our worries. God is worthy of believing in. These days every other thing people believe is a form of materialist religious belief in the institutions of modern society. It’s self sustaining godless futility and leads to dysfunction and despair. There’s things worse going on now than believing in god. In fact that might just be something that saves us.