What is a universe?

Q. First though what is god? By what process does god exist?

A. I don’t know. What is a “universe”? By what process does a “universe” exist? Do you see what the atheists have done? But a prime creator consciousness (“god”) has an intelligence beyond our understanding and a purpose in designing this reality and us placed within it. That makes us special and unique and important – NOT random, alone in a void, and without purpose.

What is True anymore?

We can test and observe how water boils at 100 degrees Celsius at sea level time and again. That is true empiricism and the spirit of the scientific method. Where we have veered off the path of truth is to deduce things that we have not been able to directly test and observe the cause and effect relationships in our haste and yearning for knowing and mastery of reality. It’s enabled a certain hubris and conceit for a few hundred years, but now human knowledge is rapidly becoming an untenable shambles of dogma and belief increasingly path dependent upon what theories prevalence is favoured. This is not the path to Truth.


Humans love answers. They love giving them, and they love receiving them. Nobody seems too worried whether they are actually true or not. If it was taught in school, shown on TV, and agreed upon by your friends – that seems to make it true. I am simply bold enough to stand against that little ruse and call ‘foul’.

reasonable theories?

Why are these theories considered “reasonable” to you? The gurus of math and jargon have you well bluffed. They seek tenure, and security, and esteem among their peers. They tell each other grandiose stories in ivory towers. Plebs come along and want to be part of the fun. It’s reflected on TV and taught down the line in the “education systems”. Smoke and mirrors all of it.

angels & demons

The last one she came to me like an angel from hell or was it heaven….I still don’t know. she taught me what god needed me to know plus some hints from the Devil. I only survived by a hairs breadth but I met god along the path then the devil then I saw the pathway open up ahead. There’s your journey some voice said. I’m still walking it.

what it’s not

“…Yes. To remain neutral is generally good. But it is also needless at times when truth is the path – always in other words. If I am presented with a nonsensical excuse with no evidence, on the one hand, and actual empirical research and evidence on the other hand, I know which way I will lean. “Globe” theory is complete nonsense with no evidence AT ALL. I am suspicious of ‘concave theory’. It seems equally unfounded. In truth, I am sceptical of ALL theories. Again people fall into erroneous old ways of attempts to cobble ad-hoc models and then reify them into some semblance of reality. I reject them all. A long period of reassessment and purity of wonder is required. A new phase for human consciousness. I may not know what things are (and this is perfectly valid) – but I can with discernment, vigilance, and critical thought – determine what they are not. Peace.”


Not to disparage the primates, but the notion debases our essence. There simply is no scientific evidence for this idea that Evolution promotes. Much of this materialist positivist philosophy of modern humans has been designed and implemented to steer humanity away from god and the fact of this Earth realm being the centre of creation. Science and modern values have served to trivialise and debase humanity.

thoughts on modern science

Science is at best a method of empirical enquiry into the cause and effect relationships we can observe in the natural world. This humble fact seems often lost or conveniently hidden in modern day discussions of reality and existence.

Science has staked its claim in knowing all. It lies as only monolithic institutions can lie. On grand scales that boggle minds and cause humans to divide according to the fear in their hearts or their willingness to follow their weak minds.