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Revelation 2: Quantum Materials Corp & COVID-19 Immunity Passports

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges – Texas Sun (Official Video)

“Texas Sun” by Khruangbin and Leon Bridges, out now on Dead Oceans in partnership with Columbia Records and Night Time Stories Ltd.

Watch “Exposed Empty Vancouver area Hospitals Tour Full (Mirror)” on YouTube

CoronaVirus: UK Doctor & Consultant Surgeon Speaks Out

Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil, UK Consultant Surgeon.

Yet ANOTHER medical professional speaks out and offers up a different take on what we’re all being told by the mainstream media, the government, and the W.H.O.

Richplanet Show 282 The Corona Scam [Mirrored]

In early 2020 it was announced that a new virus was sweeping the globe. People all over the world have been subjected to “lockdown” measures, curtailment of freedom and travel bans in a supposed attempt to slow the “spread” of the supposed Corona virus. In just a few weeks the UK has caved in to completely unnecessary fascist measures being dictated by global oligarchs from outside of the country. The whole Corona nonsense has shown just how spineless our politicians and leaders are, as if we didn’t know already. Like a lizard crawling out from a desert rock, Bill Gates appeared on BBC Breakfast News extolling his plan to vaccinate the entire world. The megalomaniac geek couldn’t keep the filthy smug grin from his face, as he explained his plan to “write cheques” for governments so they could buy his soon to be released vaccine. If you think this man has honourable intentions you need to go and have your brain extracted and replaced with a one that works. Richard D. Hall explains …

Emergency Message – The Masquerade – Silence is Betrayal

209- Those with a Strong Constitution and Upright Moral Compass are not Helpless

Where’s the Pandemic? Stand up for Humanity now!