Yes, interesting indeed. I am watching intently what is unfolding. Even the ‘Mandala effect’, flat earth’ phenomena (which holds truths), and ‘mud flood’ and other new information coming out. There is an emergent phenomena occurring before our eyes.

Humanity is now evolving. Join us.


Yes Jeanne. I have stopped and I have thought. I am no fool. I am no idealist. I am for peace, for truth, I’m for the true evolution of humanity. Many people tell me “oh yes but humans have a history of this and that and things will never change…” Guess what? They will never change whist humans hold beliefs like that. WE need to advance in our very consciousness now. You may have heard of the Awakening. I urge you to look deeper, think more deeply. Look beyond what you think you know and begin a journey of growth. There is a new energy taking over humanity. Energy is rising and momentum is building. With respect, I ask that you now seek, rethink, take a broader view, and believe. Humanity is now evolving. Join us.

Why do I believe in flat earth?


[a response to a query on Facebook I wrote in 2018]

A fair question. I am time limited here now but I’ll explain briefly.

Firstly there are pitfalls when asked this question (especially by one who appears a little hostile to the idea).   ok…

1. We need examine the nature of knowledge and what constitutes it.
2. I may just as equally ask YOU the same question why you believe in a globe earth. 4 Your question comes from an orthodox standpoint which holds assumptions.
3. Your stance assumes you hold truth and I must “prove” what I have come to believe.
4. You believe you do not have beliefs.
5 This fact establishes an unfair playing field.
6. I started as a sceptic to flat earth (as do most serious converts).
7. I tried to debunk it.
8. You assume that ‘math’ and ‘physics’ can prove reality.
9. you covet certain truths as axiomatic.
10. You hold an orthodox science bias which you cannot extract from in order that new information which conflicts with your paradigm is not considered and tends to be mocked and ridiculed
11. this is a psychological fact known as cognitive dissonance.
12. Actual science is proving that NO curvature OR motion of the earth in space is evident.
13. by actual science – I refer to science based truthfully on an unbiased or skewed application of the scientific method – empirical repeatable observation and measurement.
14. Funded academic science has become untrustworthy due to inherent corruption from funding sources, group think (peer review and career sustaining – nobody will go against orthodox paradigms), science has become path dependant upon previous theory.
15. ‘flat Earth’ has become a timely test of the true ability of human consciousness to break out of moulds which have restricted thinking and stagnated human advancement due to exploitative human systems (eg finance and social control).
16. Science is NOT the incorruptible and pure path to Truth that its proponents pretend – human judgement and fallibility does indeed factor significantly.
17. I come from a varied educated (some science) background. I am and always have been an “open-source thinker” (this helps adopting new concepts rather than clinging to old ones).
18. IF we continue to demand “proof” that fits our biases we begin a path of self-deception and this has factored into human scientific thinking
19. I spent 12 months researching the SERIOUS data coming to light
20. I cannot here sum that for your perusal.
21. I have done some of my OWN experiments and observations based on current math and understanding and found it does NOT hold truth empirically – eg NO curve is observable across a large body of water near where I live – almost 50 km and a city skyline can be measurably observed to NOT fall below the predicted earth curve (math based). We can see too far across the Earth – now high-powered optics available to a wide range of people who are discovering this fact – again empirical observation conflicts with academic orthodox assumptions we are taught and told (beliefs).
Many other anomalies are coming to light and you need to investigate seriously and with an open mind free of the above biases. Hope this gives insight.

a new word forms: ‘innerstand’

It’s time to replace the word ‘understand’ – which carries the age-old implication of a slave or prisoner agreeing in contract to ‘stand under’ the authority of the master.

It is no longer as acceptable word as we awaken now to the control matrix which has held humanity bound and exploited through the ages.

The Awakening is not a social movement or a fad.

It is the evolution of human consciousness.

Innerstand this please.



Cosmic game

Yes I enjoy the mental repartee, and have become somewhat familiar with the finer points of debate and definition of terms, axioms, and logic. The thing is when we get down to it, in all honesty, very little can be ‘proven’ and it becomes increasingly apparent via science itself that existence is a cosmic game.

What it is…

I am coming to the realisation more and more and now with such pure clarity that we have our roles and paths predestined, and it unfolds as it must, indeed we best leave it to unfold and place our faith to lead us where we must go – it is the journey of the soul, and there will be many times we do not understand or we are down and broken and lost what we desired…. but that is the correct path, and the one’s we loved so much are our teachers who come for reasons we do not understand until years later… and then the light goes on in your head and you will smile to yourself in that moment as you begin to understand what this life really is…20181018_132012


I think it’s the way people are educated and have been for many years, not just schooling directly, but the whole process of socialisation in the West now.
There are waves of new paradigms sweeping across the world now and through this wonder of social media which has become the new and revised civic forum and town square for the people to mix and share ideas – it is where revolutions began – make no mistake (and perhaps begin too).
But this new wave is continually meeting the stick’s-in-the-mud, who, through want of “proof” and “evidence”, and I believe essentially FEAR, will demand the speakers of the new ways to provide some hard fucking evidence every time before they will believe (and still then will rarely bend)
Science and it’s offshoot, “SCIENTISM” has much to answer for as it has instilled in people a false idea that there can be absolutes and final definitions ie “well-known and proven facts”. This is NOT the case and never was. They will look down disdainfully upon anybody questioning “gravity” for example – and all the while not actually fully appreciating what this “gravity” concept really involves. Even now I would put my money down that I’ll have respondents come at me here in relation to my “obvious lack of understanding of how physics works”.
Actually I have a pretty good idea guys and THAT is my issue with it.
Imagine if young children said to their parents, “Look this “walking” thing sounds far-fetched and I think you are using some hidden assistance, I’ll need to see proof..”, or you know, just demanded proof for things that were well, kind of natural and observable around them, like the Earth actually appearing to us as a flat plane…

On a misguided species

All-We-Want-To-Be-Are-Dreamers-Cameron-GrayThe ‘mad economic world’ and it’s perennial drum beat that humanity marches to, is the wrong path. Philosophical inquiry is the triumph of the mind we are gifted with, but has been hijacked (like every other elemental positive humans have been given).

To think deeply of this realm and its ways – but with heart and spirit as guide – is surely a pursuit of divine intention.