Revelation 2: Quantum Materials Corp & COVID-19 Immunity Passports

Watch “Exposed Empty Vancouver area Hospitals Tour Full (Mirror)” on YouTube

Covid- 19, Biological war. End of Game! Dr Mohammad I Adil – NHS, UK. Time to wake up .

“Corona virus pandemic is a serious threat to mankind with devastating affects on the entire mankind on the earth planet as a result of “end of game” played by the hunger game society. It’s a wake up call to stand up for your fundamental rights with unity and pride.” – Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil

We are in a strange land [mirrored from JRESHOW]

CoronaVirus: UK Doctor & Consultant Surgeon Speaks Out

Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil, UK Consultant Surgeon.

Yet ANOTHER medical professional speaks out and offers up a different take on what we’re all being told by the mainstream media, the government, and the W.H.O.

Vehicle protests at Michigan Capitol over Gov. Whitmer stay home order

The people have had enough of draconian rules and a fraudulent “pandemic”. They are waking up. Great news indeed.

Emergency Message – The Masquerade – Silence is Betrayal

LITERALLY Shutting Down the World for NOTHING – CV “EXPERT” Anthony Fauci Spills the Beans

Where’s the Pandemic? Stand up for Humanity now!