2015 – what a year…

moments in love

she screamed her truth at him like it was her last day.

he’d never quite seen her so utterly utterly broken. broken in her brokenness.

had he caused this?

he stood petrified right in the middle of their slow motion destruction.

he walked out of their bedroom for the last time and softly closed the door.

her eyes red and wet with crying. her eyes screaming. at him.

those eyes that he had fallen in love with.

now you’re just trying to be an asshole she had said. I can’t do this she said. I can’t go on she said.

he drove into the hills not knowing his destination.

and he never saw her again.

The girl on the bus.

She was young and had the vibrancy of life in her she smiled broadly her eyes twinkled, thanks man! She’d said, and she was gone